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3 KEYS to understanding local advertising!

Studies have repeatedly shown that…

1. The people most likely to visit your business live just around the corner.
2. They are your neighbours and they want to spend their money at local businesses like yours.
3. You’d be amazed at how many don’t even know you exist!

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Get a FREE Business Listing!

Here at Marketplace Publishers we're passionate about helping businesses succeed, especially small local businesses. We're also committed to building our communities by putting local business owners in touch with local residents. One way we do this is by providing local businesses our FREE online Business Directory to advertise in.

* It's totally free!

* Get found in Google searches

* There's no time limit on your listing!

* Even if you never advertise with us!

Our Business Directory has over a thousand local businesses listed. It's very search engine friendly, so if you fill out the listing form provided your business will be indexed by Google and in time will be found in Google searches.

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