Try Trigger Therapy

We all have very busy lives. It is always go go go and at the end of the day we hit the sac and crash. We wake up the next morning realizing that our bodies ache, but we have to stick to our routines and time frames.

After a few weeks to a month or more, this can all add up to some serious physical grief! The truth is that if we actually wanted to keep this same pace up we need to make time to take care of ourselves. That’s why I suggest that you come and see me and try myofascial trigger point release. I spend time finding the aches and pains and help to remove them one by one. Even the ones that you didn’t realize were there. Each session is about 20 minutes long and the release of pressure and range of motion can be immediate. Just know that this is not massage!! Triggers are painful and my job is to remove them. If you think that you have tried everything and nothing works — give me a call. Call now and book with me for only $30 per session (20 minutes).

Jeff Bergin, Sport Performance Institute, 613-614-4676,