Benson Pools in North Gower

Resurfacing pools, garage floors and more with ecoFinish

Benson Pools in North GowerecoFinish is a revolutionary finishing method that allows installers to re-surface in-ground concrete pools or acrylic hot tubs with a beautiful and durable finish. This is not a paint or cement based coating – it’s the next generation re-surfacing process. It can be used to change the colour of your vinyl pool stairs or to cover concrete decks! The thermoplastic coating cures in minutes – not hours and results in a smooth, durable and nonporous finish that will outlast traditional finishes. EcoFinish coatings are non-porous, pH neutral, and will stand up to harsh weather and UV exposure. These extremely durable finishes are resistant to chipping, peeling, chalking and cracking.

ecoFinish has other applications than just pools. It can be used on most concrete, metal or fiberglass surfaces using the thermal flame spray application method. The installation equipment is completely portable, so the finish can be applied at any location on virtually any surface to create a beautiful protective barrier that will last for many years. Spruce up that garage floor with a high end, low maintenance finish that will look great for years to come!

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