½ Price Special for Skin Anomaly Treatments

Kathryn, the owner of Caress, along with other professionals from Caress

For a limited time take advantage of our ½ price skin anomaly treatments with Maya, Wanda and Julie.

Now is the ideal time to get rid of those unsightly skin anomalies, such as skin tags, cherry angiomas, milia, angiokeratomas, pigmented spots, keratoses, facial capillaries and unwanted piercings.

The caring professionals at Caress Electrolysis offer Thermocoagulation, a process that will improve your skin’s appearance by reducing or eliminating unwanted skin anomalies.   Caress offers a complimentary consultation, where they will explain the procedure and examine your anomalies to determine if they are treatable.  Thermocoagulation is a gentle, quick and non-medical procedure.  In most cases many anomalies may be treated in one treatment depending on the anomaly and its size, and most skin anomalies only need one treatment.  Post treatment a scab will appear for a week or two while the skin heals.

If you are tired of tweezing or waxing embarrassing unwanted facial or body hair, Caress offers electrolysis the ONLY method of PERMANENT hair removal.  Caress offers a complimentary consultation and treatment, during the consultation an Electrologist will explain the procedure, examine your area, recommend a treatment plan and perform a sample treatment.  Then as an informed consumer you will have all the information you need to decide whether to proceed with treatments.

There are many misconceptions about electrolysis, but two are most common. The first is that electrolysis is expensive and the second is that it’s painful. Electrolysis is in fact reasonably priced as it’s a lifetime investment as electrolysis is still the ONLY PERMANENT method of hair removal. Though there is a sensation to electrolysis, as there is with waxing and laser, most clients are pleasantly surprised how comfortable electrolysis is and many have said that they would have started electrolysis sooner had they known that.

At a very young age Kathryn, the owner of Caress, had unwanted hair issues that impacted on her self-esteem, but she decided early in life to do something about it. “After trying a variety of temporary methods of hair removal I decided to give electrolysis a try. Overjoyed with the results of electrolysis, I not only got rid of my unwanted hair permanently, I also had more confidence. I was so delighted by the results that I decided to pursue a career in electrolysis and I’m so thankful I did. I enjoy preforming electrolysis, everyday a client will mention how happy they are that they started electrolysis and that it has been life changing for them. I am so fortunate that I have found a career I love and one that is so rewarding.”

With more than 40 years in business, convenient hours, seven certified Electrologists, state of art equipment, and a free consultation Caress guarantees you professional and friendly service in a relaxing atmosphere.

We provide a private, safe and comfortable ambiance and assure complete confidentiality to all clients regardless of race, gender or lifestyle choices.  We will assess each client individually to determine the best treatment schedule to fit their budget, time and expectations.

Visit www.CaressElectrolysis.com or call 613-825-2299, during convenient office hours, Monday – Thursday 9 to 8, Friday 9 to 6 and Saturday 9 to 4. Caress Electrolysis is located at 35 Larkin Dr., off Greenbank Rd.  EP