C.U. Smile Dental for a healthier you…


Good oral hygiene and oral health can reduce your risk of serious disease and even help preserve your memory in your senior years.

 The phrase “healthy mouth, healthy you” is a fact proven by scientific evidence.

   Dr. Cristina Ulmeni is dedicated to giving you your best smile.

As owner of C.U. Smile Dental at 474 Hazeldean Rd. #9, Dr. Ulmeni is welcoming new and returning patients to the clinic that was transitioned last summer from retiring dentist Dr. Funkenhauser.

 “We are looking forward to helping new patients of all ages get their perfect smile.”

  Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, the dental office is also conveniently open one evening per week as well as one Saturday per month.

 “We offer complete dental services, dental hygiene, root canals, Invisalign, emergencies and more. We restore smiles and teach our patients from young to young at heart how to prevent dental disease and maintain a healthy mouth.”

The friendly staff at C.U. Smile Dental is ready to help you look and feel better with improved dental health.

Receive a complimentary mini bleaching kit upon completion of comprehensive exam and hygiene appointments.

 “We are committed to making your smile healthy and bright.”

 Call (613)831-9062 or email cusmiledentistry@gmail.com to make your appointment.  EP

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