Call the Expert: Fendor Glass & Windows

Fendor Glass & WindowsThe experts at Fendor Glass & Aluminum have been helping people in Ottawa make the right decisions when replacing windows and doors in homes and commercial buildings since 1941. Here are some helpful tips.

When can you change windows?

Fendor Glass & Aluminum can replace your existing windows any time of year, in almost any weather. The new window is prepared in advance so the installation is fast and easy with very little heat loss on even the coldest winter day.

What does Low-E argon mean?

Low-E (low emissivity) is a thin invisible metal oxide layer deposited on the glass during manufacturing when it is still warm. An excellent thermal insulator, Argon is an colourless, odorless, inert gas inserted between the panes of glass to improve the R value of the window.

Do Garage Doors need maintenance?

A garage door needs maintenance and adjustment to work properly. The experts at Fendor Glass & Aluminum advise you to lubricate your garage door’s moving parts semi-annually, when the weather changes.

Do I need new window frames with new windows?

Basically, there are two ways to change windows. The most efficient method is to remove and replace the old window and frame, installing new insulation and caulking.

Alternatively, the trained professionals at Fendor Glass & Aluminum can insert a new window into an existing frame.  EP

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