OUR FEATURED CLIENTS - Here are some of our featured clients whose business are outstanding in their communities.

PhoThiFusion in Barrhaven… Serving up Two New Delectable Dishes

Lovers of Asian food are well acquainted with what is arguably Vietnam’s most famous dish… Pho, the light delicious soup made with rice noodles in a meat broth. Add a touch of Mexico and you have a “Phoritto”… the newest addition to the menu at PhoThiFusion, the popular Asian restaurant in the heart of Barrhaven’s marketplace. The “Phoritto” is a combination of Pho and a burrito and consists of noodles, meat, basil, bean sprouts, siracha hot sauce and hoisin sauce wrapped in a warmed tortilla and served with broth on the side.

Also new is their Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, a unique dish of chicken marinated in the chef’s special sauce steeped deep in family tradition. A one-of-a-kind culinary coup!

These are just a couple of the amazing selections of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai food that are available at both Pho Thi Fusion in Barrhaven and Thi Fusion at Merivale and Hunt Club. And now you can enjoy them at home through Skip the Dishes home delivery. Thi Fusion customers can also order through Uber Eats.

Visit Pho Thi Fusion at 129 Riocan Avenue, Barrhaven. Call 613-825-3325 phothifusion.com or Thi Fusion at Merivale and Hunt Club. thifusion.com Call 613-723-7687. EP

Benson Pools on Prince of Wales Drive in North Gower

Benson Pools ad

A Long Tradition of Excellence and Service for All Your Pool Needs

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s time to think about enjoying our outdoor living space again. That may mean installing a beautiful new concrete pool, opening your existing pool after a long, hard winter or renovating and repairing an aging pool to restore its former glory. For more than 62 years, Benson Pools has been your Ottawa pool experts. They build pools from concept and design to complete construction. They have built long-lasting, quality pools in the Ottawa area for both residential and commercial clients alike. From the Prime Minister’s home on Sussex, to various NHL players’ homes and many City of Ottawa structures in between, Benson Pools has a history of quality work and dependability you can rely on.

Today’s back yard is no longer just a pool with a BBQ beside it. Now, homeowners are opting for awesome water features, custom hot tubs and wonderful landscapes – creating true home resorts. For both residential and commercial clients, Benson’s offers pool consultation and construction service. Their professionals will work closely with you to get a feel for what you are looking for and how to make the best possible use of your outdoor space.

If it’s a new pool you’re after, their custom gunite (concrete) pools are what your dreams are made of Elegance, beauty and charm with limitless possibilities of design allowing for free form shapes, the building of custom benches and so much more. They are longer lasting than the pools of yesterday with stunning finishes that promise the “wow” factor every time! The professionals at Benson Pools work alongside your landscaper to make your dream backyard a reality!

Perhaps your existing pool is crying out for a touch-up or a complete restoration, their skilled tradesmen will make it happen. Whether it pool coping, ceramic tile and plaster work or something more heavy duty like an acid wash cleaning or sandblasting and painting, they can do it all. Maybe a complete backyard makeover is needed. Bensons can create your backyard “cottage” for quality family time and entertaining your friends.

Benson Pools also offers complete service, repairs and weekly maintenance. And, the most necessary of all regular pool work… spring start-up and winterizing in the fall. If you dread the spring time ritual of getting the pool ready for swimming, let Benson’s handle it. They will haul off the cover, clean it, bag the leaves and put them at the curb and then get your pool started and in pristine condition. Once your pool is open why not let the pool experts worry about the time-consuming job of weekly cleanings so you can attend to your busy schedule secure in the knowledge that the professional have your pool under control.

A lot has changed over the many years Benson Pools has been in business… products, materials, technology and regulation, but their commitment to doing excellent work for their customers has remained the same. Their focus has been to be the first and best choice for their clients. For all your pool needs and queries, visit Benson Pools, 5905 Prince of Wales Drive in North Gower. Call 613-733-0332. www.bensonpools.com EP

Spring Special on Seasonal Maintenance contracts; Pool Start-Up, Winterizing, weekly vacuuming, and chemicals. Call / email for details.

The Beauty Studio on Greenbank Road

For Beautiful, Healthy Hair

The Beauty Studio on Greenbank RoadThinking of a new look for the summer? The Beauty Studio on Greenbank Road offers all the usual salon services… cuts, highlights and colour, perms and straightening but also specializes in styles like corn rows, fusion, Ghana and jerry curls.

If your hair is curly or unmanageable and you long for a sleek, straight look, the professionals at The Beauty Studio can make it happen with Sytonics products designed to relax hair and give it a smooth silken texture while leaving the scalp feeling terrific. They also offer keratin treatments to eliminate frizz and curl and repair damaged hair cuticles. Keratin is the main protective substance found in our hair, skin and nails. Its strong protective qualities improve the hair inside and out, eliminating frizz while adding strength and elasticity to any hair type. Styling becomes a breeze.

The Beauty Studio also has a specialist for up-dos if a prom or wedding is in the near future. Be sure to book an appointment early.

To look your best this summer, visit The Beauty Salon at 1013-900 Greenbank Road or call 613-825-6666. EP

Get relief from the pain of everyday stress

The pace of life rarely slows down for busy people. It’s always ‘go go go’. At the end of the day we hit the sack and crash, only to wake the next morning realizing that our bodies ache.

But we have to stick to our routines and time frames so we get up and get going again, regardless of the pain.

Over a few weeks repeating this process can add up to some serious physical grief! The truth is that if we actually want to keep this same pace up for the long term, we need to make time to take care of ourselves.

That’s why I suggest that you come to try myofascial trigger point release.

I am Jeff Bergin and I run Sport Performance Institute. I spend time finding the source of your aches and pains and then I help to remove them one by one. Even the ones that you didn’t realize were there.

Most sessions average about 20 minutes and the release of pressure and range of motion can be immediate.

Just know that this is not massage!! It is a personal, targeted approach to pain relief.

Triggers are painful and my job is to remove them. If you think that you have tried everything and nothing works — give me a call at 613-614-4676 or email to jeff.bergin@spicertification.com.

Book now for only $40 per 20-minute session.

Call the Expert: Fahey Electric Full Service Contractors

Fahey Electric

Full Service Electrical Contractors Serving Ottawa and Surrounding Regions

Looking for a reliable, trustworthy electrician to service your home or business? Maybe you’re thinking of home renovations or an addition and need to upgrade your electrical panel. Whatever you need, Fahey Electric can help.

For close to 20 years, Fahey Electric has been providing top-quality electrical services to both homes and businesses in the Ottawa region. Founded by Master electrician Terry Fahey in 1999, Fahey Electric offers a full range of electrical services. Electrical wiring (interior or exterior), home automation, commercial or security lighting, rewiring, appliance installation… Fahey Electric does it all. Fully insured and bonded, Fahey Electric electricians are also on call, 24/7, for emergency repairs. Their skilled technicians offer clients superior workmanship from the start to finish of a project and they have a long list of repeat and satisfied customers to prove it. Rely on Fahey Electric to assess, diagnose and repair all your electrical needs, provide maintenance to any electrical system, conduct inspections and provide documentation to ensure your Ottawa home or business is in compliance with regulatory codes.

They provide free estimates before they start any job so that their clients know what they are paying for and why.

For all your electrical questions, call Fahey Electric 613-726-7842. Visit http://faheyelectric.com  EP

ECRA/ESA LIC 6001239

Inclusive Hiring Works

Left to Right: Jorde Hess (Owner), Ricky Fortin, Jonie Achelengua (PPRC Job Coach) and Graziella Forbes (PPRC Consultant)Jorde Hess is the owner of Hess’s Your Independent Grocer in Ottawa. He knows that teamwork is essential for the smooth running of his store. Ricky Fortin is a person with an intellectual disability, he was hired to work at the store.  Ricky works with the cashiers and the customers at the front helping to bag groceries and filling orders. He likes the work.

Ricky was looking for work and he selected Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC) to be his service provider.  The PPRC team met Jorde Hess, and he gave Ricky a chance.

“He is doing well. He arrives on time, he is pleasant with the customers and he does his work.  This has been a smooth transition,” says Jorde, “the feedback has been open and timely and the folks at PPRC have been responsive to our requests.”

PPRC offers placement services for persons with disabilities at no cost to the employer. This helps employers remain competitive, gain market share, and grow their business. Contact Linda Simpson at lsimpson@pprc.ca or at 613-748-3220. Visit www.pprc.ca for more information.  EP

Tops Car Wash Club Ottawa


Did you know that Tops Car Wash has been in business for over 40 years? And that they’re considered to be the best car wash in the city? Keep your car clean all year with a Tops Unlimited Wash Club Membership. A membership means quicker lines. There’s even a dedicated line for Tops Club Members – you’ll be driving away in a sparkling clean car in less than twenty minutes. Choose from the Exterior Wash Club from $39.99/month or the Full Service Wash Club from $69.99/month. You’ll also save 10% on detail services like carpet cleaning and interior super cleans.

Tops Car Wash is a full-service car wash. Using state-of-the-art, automated equipment, your car is washed with enviro-soft foam, rinsed with spot-free water and then dried with a powerful touchless drying system. Attentive and thorough staff get any leftover drops with clean and soft cotton towels. Your vehicle leaves spotless every time.

Keeping your car clean and cared for retains its value. Get your Tops Car Wash Club Membership today! Head over to Tops Car Wash at 979 Richmond Road for the best wash in the city. For more information on the Tops Club call 613-728-4232.

Or visit www.topscarwash.com.

Each Tops Club Membership is specific to one vehicle and each vehicle requires its own individual plan.  EP

Physiocare has the latest in pain relief – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy

Physiocare staffWomen of all ages can be afflicted by a variety of health conditions, especially after childbirth. The caring, dedicated professional physiotherapists at Physiocare Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre can help reduce pain and suffering.

“We take pride in providing specialized restorative pelvic health intervention for women with low back or pelvic pain, anyone experiencing pelvic dysfunction, pain, incontinence, prolapse, pelvic floor or core weakness. We also offer physiotherapy treatment for blocked milk ducts and other postpartum issues to help the new mothers.”

These personal treatments are provided in secure, private rooms by a female therapist.

Director and Registered Physiotherapist Gunjan Vermani has been practicing physiotherapy for more than a decade and is certified in the treatment of urinary incontinence and central pain management, as well as other conditions.

Treatment may consist of exercises to strengthen muscles and trigger point release, to relieve pain.

“These conditions are very common in women but many don’t get treated because most clinics can’t offer this service.”

A doctor’s referral is not required for treatment, but may be needed for private health insurance coverage.

Physiocare ONDAMEDONDAMED is the latest Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) device and is only available in Ottawa at Physiocare Physiotherapy clinic.

The ONDAMED combines electromagnetic field with pulsed biofeedback, and has been proven successful at treating a wide range of ailments.

“We take great pride in introducing ONDAMED to the residents of Ottawa. We have already witnessed great results with people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to name a few,” says Vijay Sharma, Registered Physiotherapist and Clinic Director.

Though there are other pulsed electromagnetic field devices available, ONDAMED is the industry leader with an undeniably solid track record, clinical testing, sophisticated pre-set programs (combinations of effective fields of energy based on years of practitioners’ successes in the field), and most importantly, the ability to customize very specific programs of energy for each individual client.

The ONDAMED represents the future of medicine as a diagnostic and healing tool due to its effectiveness at the bio-energetic cellular level and the lack of side effects.

ONDAMED treatment is available at Physiocare’s spotless, comfortable clinic at 289 Greenbank Road, Nepean, along with Massage Therapy and Deep Oscillation to soothe aching muscles and joints.

For an appointment, call 613-714-9495 or go to www.physiocarephysiotherapy.com.  EP

Pi.Rho Grill is passionate about True Food

Pi.RhoDelicious meals prepared without compromise. That’s the passion and promise of Pi.Rho Grill.

With locations in Barrhaven and Centretown Ottawa, Pi.Rho Grill prepares the tastiest Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in town!

Using only fresh ingredients from locally sourced suppliers, Pi.Rho Grill offers food that is as delicious as it is healthful. Food that is enhanced and inspired by the quality of every single ingredient.

Executive Chef Luis Molina is proud to serve you his inspired street cuisine, prepared daily using only the freshest in season ingredients.

“The passion for perfection extends through to the Pi.Rho progressive attitude, vision for sustainability, responsibility to our neighbors and our planet, and a love of life.

When it comes to our support of True Food and a vibrant, thriving local community, we do the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

Got an event coming up or just want to take home some amazing food? Pi.Rho Grill is ready to provide you with whatever you need with full catering and takeout services. Your guests will enjoy the most flavourful Greek and Mediterranean gastronomy available anywhere! We know every event is unique so we can accommodate any size group with custom catering to fit your needs, including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and special dietary options.

Pi.Rho Grill is at 346 Elgin Street (formerly Boushey’s Market) and in Barrhaven at 81 Riocan Ave at Chapman’s Mills Marketplace.

Phone 613-565-7171 for Elgin St. and 613-823-7171 for Barrhaven or online at www.pirhogrill.com.

Interested in owning a Pi.Rho Grill location? Email franchising@pirhogrill.com to find out more. EP

Let a Pro Paint your Home!

Noel Kenny, Pro PainterWhether it’s inside or outside let a painting professional tackle the job! Noel Kenny – Professional Painter and Plaster Specialist – has over 22 years in the business. He does painting and plastering as well as repair and restorative work. And he can do the meticulous work needed when it comes to the precise job required for Heritage Buildings.

Noel has provided his painting and plastering expertise to high-end Rockcliffe homes, and commercial sites. Many of his painting and plastering jobs are for additions to existing homes. He does an exacting plaster job and then provides a flawless paint job. Noel knows how to seamlessly blend the old with the new and does excellent plaster renovation and repair jobs – especially to older homes with lathe and plaster.

Thinking of painting this spring, either interior or exterior? Get a FREE estimate today from Noel Kenny and let a professional paint your home. Call Noel Kenny – Paint and Plaster Specialist at 613-798-6147 or email me@noelkenny.ca.  EP

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