Dave Stoddard’s Auto Service

Spring and Summer Car Care

Car lifting

Preparing your vehicle for summer requires proper maintenance of the various fluids and filters that keep your engine and transmission operating efficiently. These fluids and filters are affected by winter conditions, neglecting them will eventually disrupt your car’s performance. Prudent vehicle maintenance before going on hot-weather car trips includes:

  • Transmission fluid: Winter is particularly hard on this fluid
  • Engine oil: Higher viscosity for hot weather
  • Air filter: Plugged or dirty filters decrease performance and mileage
  • Coolant: Level and strength
  • Cooling fan and air conditioner check
  • Battery age: Hot weather increases evaporation of the internal liquid electrolyte
  • Windshield-wiper check: Sun exposure, extreme heat, and cold all age rubber

The team at Dave`s has been upholding the highest standards of customer service for more than thirty years. This summer, make sure your vehicle is safe and ready to hit the road. Drop by Dave Stoddards Auto Service at 103-20 Bexley Place in Bell’s Corners or call 613-828-7171.  EP

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