Exceptional Family Law Lawyer!

Halia Anna Michalko, M.A., M.Ed., LL.B.

Halia Anna Michalko, Exceptional Family Law LawyerAs a professional litigator, one of the most satisfying accolades that Halia Anna Michalko can receive is a referral from a former client. It is a testament to her knowledge of the law and her dedication to her clients. Halia has practiced Family Law for nineteen years and represents her clients with honesty, integrity and determination. The following testimonials are from three of Halia’s former clients who were eager to share their experiences.

“I needed help securing custody of my children after dealing with years of ongoing abuse. Halia handled my case with compassion and understanding; allowing me to concentrate on my children. She was professional, sincere and truly cared about my family.” – Ann.

“A divorce can be a horrendous experience. I honestly believe that the favorable outcome of my divorce settlement (including joint custody of my children and an equitable financial settlement) would not have been possible without the concerted efforts of my lawyer, Ms. Halia Michalko. Her tenacity, attention to detail and thorough understanding of the law paid dividends on many occasions. I don’t hesitate to recommend Halia to anyone in need of an exceptional family law litigator.” – Grant.

“Halia’s expert legal counsel saved me from a very serious situation involving my legally registered firearms and my divorce. By recommending that they be removed from my home, my wife was unable to make false allegations about the safety of my children. That recommendation played a crucial role in the ensuing custody battle. Halia’s foresight and sage advice are the reasons that my children and I are together.” – David.

If you’re in need of an exceptional family law litigator, contact Halia Anna Michalko today at 613-237-9090, by fax at 613-237-8834, or by email at hmichalko@bellnet.ca. There are currently openings for new clients. Visit www.divorcemag.com/on/pro/michalko.shtml for more information. EP

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