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With flu season just around the corner, it’s time to think about protecting yourself and your family from this nasty annual virus! Wash your hands often…cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing….don’t touch your face with germ-infected hands and stay home if you feel ill.

The most effective way to protect yourself, however, is by getting the flu shot. It’s free to all Ontario residents with a valid OHIP card over the age of five and is easy to get with a quick stop at Shoppers Drugmart, Findlay Creek!

Flu activity can begin as early as October and run into late May. In most adults, the flu lasts 2-10 days….sometimes longer for the elderly, children and those with chronic illnesses. In some cases it can lead to pneumonia and even death. Ten to 20% of the population will get the flu each year…200,000   people will visit the doctor because of it; there will be 30,000 emergency room visits and 1,000 hospitalizations. Up to 300 people each year will die due to the flu virus.

Don’t be a statistic this year! Why suffer with the aches, chills, fever and other unpleasant symptoms when you can protect yourself and your family. The pharmacists at Shoppers DrugMart, Findlay Creek are trained to make your flu shot quick and painless. No appointment necessary. Starting next month, stop in for your free flu shot. Shoppers Drug Mart, Findlay Creek, 1-4744 Bank Street. 613-822-0366.




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