King’s Your Independent Grocer in Richmond

Grocery Shopping Made Easy

King’s Your Independent Grocer in RichmondWhen it comes to grocery shopping, most people want the quick and easy approach. With busy schedules and, often, kids in tow, shoppers don’t want to make their way through aisles of clothing and housewares just to get a quart of milk and some cheese. At King’s Your Independent Grocer in Richmond, they take the hassle out of getting groceries. Their bright, clean, colourful store is welcoming and well designed for their customers’ convenience. It’s uncluttered and easy to navigate. With plenty of cashes always open and extra hands to pack your bags, you’ll never find the long lineups common at other grocery stores. Staff will even help get your groceries into your car.

King’s Your Independent Grocer has an in-house Bakery, a large Deli section with a huge salad bar and Meals to Go and a butcher who is happy to cut your meat to your preference….perfect for the BBQ! The Garden Centre is brimming with plants, flowers, soils and all the gardening supplies you need to enjoy the gardening season.

Take the stress out of grocery shopping with a visit to King’s Your Independent Grocer in Richmond. A city-type store with a country feel!

5911 Perth Street in Richmond. Call 613-838-7275. EP

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