Mother Earth Natural Health…Keeping you Healthy Naturally



If you’re looking for one-stop-shopping for everything you need to lead a healthy life, then look no further than Mother Earth Natural Health. Owner/Manager Dawn Bartsch and her knowledgeable staff can help you on your path to leading a healthy lifestyle. They know their products and they live healthy lifestyles themselves. Mother Earth Natural Health is the only place in the city that carries over 200 different kinds of herbs for every aspect of your healthy life – from herbs for cooking, to nutritional and to medicinal herbs.

Bette Madigan practices Bowen therapy at Mother Earth Natural Health. Bowen therapy uses gentle, non-invasive muscle rolls that allow the body to reset and heal itself. It’s safe for everyone, from newborns to seniors and is effective for both recent and long-standing conditions. Bowen is especially effective for pain relief. Contact Bette to book an appointment at 613-722-4249 or Visit her website for more at Insurance receipts are available.

Mother Earth Natural Health is a unique health food store that over the last eight years has become well-known for its superior products. And the last Saturday of every month you can get 10% off your purchases. Keep yourself healthy naturally at Mother Earth Natural Health. Visit Bette Madigan and the rest of the helpful staff at 747 Richmond Rd or on-line at Call 613-321-3557 or email  EP

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