Optimize Physio and Sport Medicine – Teaching How to Live Pain Free


At Optimize Physiotherapy & Sport medicine we have a dedicated team determined to change the way injuries are managed. More of a teaching facility than a clinic, our team looks to teach patients about how their body works, how to maintain it, and how to change their environment to remove the root cause of pain instead of simply trying to temporarily manage the pain.

The human form requires movement for proper function. Improving the way you move and moving often allows our joints and muscles to stay healthy and prevent breakdown. Prolonged sitting and wearing poor footwear wreaks havoc on our movement patterns and joints. 

At Optimize we focus on restoring proper human movement and function by educating our patients about these environmental hazards and their effect in causing most of the orthopedic problems we see every day.   Our team will show you how to improve your day to day environment by removing the hazards that are harming your body and resulting in injuries.  

Effective physiotherapy isn’t easy – It requires consistent hard work to improve your body. Reversing decades of muscle tension and postural alignment issues takes time but our team will get you on the right track to achieving long term changes. With doctors and physios working closely together on a daily basis, we can provide efficient and high quality care to our patients as well as the motivation you need to live life pain free.

Drop by the new facility at the intersection of Spratt Rd. and Limebank Rd. in Riverside South.  Call Doctors at 613-425-4213 and Physio at 613-425-4211.  EP

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