Ottawa Safety Surfacing covers it all in Rubaroc®


Ottawa Safety Surfacing helps you get a grip with a durable, non-slip surface for your patio, porches, play areas, exercise room, garage or basement floor, pool area or commercial space.

Designed to withstand Ottawa’s wide range of climates, Rubaroc® rubber safety surfacing blends high-quality polymer resins with rubber granules to create a guaranteed non-slip, virtually indestructible surface on just about anything.

The professionals at Ottawa Safety Surfacing have been installing Rubaroc® quality refinishing and coating materials for nearly a decade. They mix Rubaroc® on site at installation, troweling by hand to create a uniform, secure, seamless rubber surface. Available in a wide range of colours, surfaces, and custom designs including business crests or logos, Rubaroc® can cover vertical and level surfaces such as steps or coping around a pool. It expands and contracts to suit weather condition, remaining slip and skid resistant even when wet, making it ideal for entrances and pool decks.

Rubaroc® rubber granules are manufactured in their colour, not painted, so the colour is permanent and will never fade.

Odor free, comfortable under foot and pleasing to the eye, Rubaroc® from Ottawa Safety Surfacing is stain resistant and washes clean with just soap and water. And in the unlikely event that it is damaged, it can be easily repaired with no evidence.

Call Ottawa Safety Surfacing at 613-404-3222 or online at for your free, no-obligation quote.  EP

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