Pedal Easy

PedalEasy1_CC_MAY15-150x150(1) Health Matters! … Indisputable!

(2) Exercise Matters! … Fitness and health go hand-in-hand.

(3) Fun Matters! … If exercise isn’t fun, we won’t keep it up.


We make exercise pure fun – “exhilaration or your money back”! For three years now, through our Ottawa-Valley company Pedal Easy, we have been changing the lives of our customers, essentially “luring” them into a more active life-style. We have a proven long-term motivator, in fact many have described it as a “life-changer”. Extremely simple in concept, what we have created is the world’s lightest “hybrid” power-assisted bike – a hybrid style bike that can simultaneously boost the user up tough terrain and through tough conditions and be pedaled in a regular capacity, as a bicycle.

Of course it’s not everyone’s panacea, but for those who regard cycling as an activity they enjoy (or who used to, but have given it up due to afflictions or lack of energy), actively using this bike becomes almost irresistible. Having the option of power-assist opens the way to cycling further, more often, and in ways you never considered before; and fitness follows. It allows mismatched riders to ride together, or weaker riders to keep up with a group. It encourages “car-less” commuting and shopping. It’s simultaneously good for you, and good for the environment. And that gives us immense satisfaction.

It’s an experience almost beyond description; like that “bionic” moment in your youth when you first mastered the bicycle. It’s cycling re-born. Try one. We have demo bikes in Ottawa. Call us. For us it is pure fun to introduce people to this bike – because we know there is a very real probability it will enrich their lives, strengthen their bodies, and even extend their lifetimes.




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