Pho Thi Fusion in Barrhaven

Pho Thi Fusion in BarrhavenA Warm Option in Chilly Weather

With cold weather just around the corner, there is a dining experience in Barrhaven guaranteed to warm body and soul.  Pho Thi Fusion, a quaint Asian restaurant in the heart of Barrhaven’s marketplace, offers the best in Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai food.

What better way to take the chill out than enjoying one of their famous steamy noodle soups …a light, robust, healthy meal you can enjoy any time of day.  The Pho soup with beef broth and Hu tieu soup with chicken broth are family specialities made with far less MSG than most restaurants making it a light, scrumptious option. The Pho is served with fresh basil, bean sprouts, lime and Thai chili peppers and your choice rare thinly sliced beef, beef well done, braised beef flank, braised beef brisket, tender beef tendon, beef stripe, meatballs, or chicken breast.  The Hu Tieu is served with a choice of noodles, sauces and meats as well.

The tantalizing soups are just some of the many wonderful choices awaiting you at Pho Thi Fusion 129 Riocan Avenue, Barrhaven.  Call 613-825-3325 or visit or Thi Fusion at Merivale and Hunt Club  Call 613-723-7687.  Remember…gift cards make a wonderful Christmas present!  EP

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