PPRC – Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Helping Employers Meet Their Job Needs


Left to right: Brad Haffner – Regional Manager, Home Hardware, Kelly Mertl –
The United Way Ottawa, Linda Simpson – PPRC, Susan Forster, EARN, Manager,
Stakeholder Relations, Shawn McKinnon – Home Owner, Orleans Home Hardware, Nicholas Monaghan – Employee

Shawn McKinnon – the Orleans Home Hardware Store Manager makes his business inclusive because he knows it’s good for the bottom line. Shawn hired a young man with Asperger’s. He provided a supportive workplace and in return he has a reliable, dependable and motivated employee.

Shawn partners with PPRC to recruit employees because they have a large talent pool to draw from to help employers find reliable candidates to fill their business needs. PPRC uses proven methodologies to make the ideal match between employer and employee at no cost to the employer. Shawn is proud of the fact that his business is inclusive to employees with disabilities.

The Employment Accessibility Resource Network (EARN), a United Way led initiative, hosted an event whereby, Home Hardware and Shawn MacKinnon received  recognition from PPRC for their workplace diversity and inclusive hiring practices.

PPRC is always looking for employers to help. PPRC provides job placement, follow-up support, including accommodation and intervention services to ensure all parties are set for success. Often these placements are a stepping-stone to full employment and th

e employer comes back to recruit more candidates.

If you’re looking for reliable employees, with a desire to work – let PPRC help you find a match. Watch the Home Hardware story and others on You Tube at PPRCOttawa. Contact Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care at 613-748-3220 or at info@pprc.ca and experience your own employee success story.  EP

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