Prima Painting and Decorating – $400.00*

primapainting_oct16A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest, most cost effective ways to add beauty and value to your home. The immediate results are an updated, refreshed look that boosts the curb appeal of your home and the overall real estate value which can help with possible resale. But painting exterior and interior walls and trims has added benefits like improving indoor air quality and protecting surfaces.

Using good quality paints and finishes on interior walls can reduce odours and fumes and promote healthy indoor air quality for you and your family. Particularly in homes with plaster walls, paint keeps plaster in check, and dust to a minimum. It can also hides stains and marks that have been hard to remove. Interior painting can even enhance your outlook on your home and living environment with bright colours proven to make a room fun and vibrant, pastels evoking serenity and calm and light colours making a space seem bigger.

*$400.00 including paint for master bedroom or similar size.

For all your painting needs, call Prima Painting and Decorating Ltd. for professional, guaranteed results. Nick Maiorino is proud to offer great customer service and free estimates for all your painting and drywall jobs. Call 613-299-5300.


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