Staying Active with the Right Support

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With spring quickly approaching it is a time to get outside and be more active. It could be stepping up your training for an upcoming run or walk, starting back into a team sport or maybe trying out a whole new activity. Unfortunately, it is also a time when you are more likely to be injured. Many of these injuries can be prevented with better training principles, good technique and sport specific footwear. Some may also benefit from a little extra support from orthotics.

The good news is there are many good options to help prevent or recover quickly from an injury. There have been many advances in footwear and orthotics specifically designed to aid the healing process, restore mobility and help increase performance. Advances in materials and manufacturing have allowed us to treat specific conditions effectively by making orthotics based on individual biomechanics, condition, activity level and footwear. This allows us to better treat the individual and provide a truly custom solution.

Along with foot orthotics, high quality knee/ankle supports and braces are available. These are made from anatomically knitted breathable fabrics designed to move with the joint thereby providing therapeutic massage and support. This helps to increase circulation and can help promote the healing process. (Bauerfeind Canada)

If you get injured or you feel you could benefit from having more support, it is recommended to have a detailed biomechanical assessment by a qualified health care professional such as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. The assessment will help determine any biomechanical faults or abnormalities, identify any muscle weakness or tightness and ultimately determine which tissues or structures are stressed. This will dictate the treatment plan which may include new footwear, orthotics, knee/ankle supports and referral to other health care professionals.

A typical Pedorthic Assessment would include;

  • Examination of footwear / wear patterns
  • Weight bearing and non weight bearing testing and observation
  • Anatomical Alignment & Posture
  • Specific functional muscle testing
  • Gait Analysis

Spring is a wonderful time of year to get more active and enjoy the fresh air. Just remember to slowly ease back into your activities, evaluate and replace any worn out footwear and find out if you require some extra support. If you find yourself injured this spring, you have many good options to recover faster and resume your activities pain free.


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