Student Directed Learning – at Revel Academy

Revel Academy - Student Directed LearningDo you want your child to be excited about learning? To feel challenged by an individualized program that suits their needs? Then Revel Academy is an excellent option. Erin Anderson is the founder of Revel Academy and Head of School. She believes in student directed and interest-based learning where students are given choice in order to engage and encourage them to take ownership of their learning.

Erin used to teach at a private school and has solid teaching credentials. When her first child was ready for school, she realized that the creative side was lacking in the public system; especially for children who were eager to learn and needed to be challenged. Revel Academy uses using state-of-the-art software to create individualized learning for the 21st Century. If your child is good at math, then they will be accelerated, however they’ll also get support in other areas as needed.

Revel Academy finds out how your child learns best. Talk to Erin Anderson about your child’s learning needs. Call 613-700-2132. Visit for more information.  EP

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