TheCoolRedRoom – Celebrating its 6th Anniversary!



It’s Cool. It’s Red. It’s Unique and this trendy boutique salon is celebrating its 6th

Anniversary! Owner Donna Nash invites you to experience thecoolredroom for yourself – a very special Hair Space. With over 33 years as a Hairstylist in Ottawa, Donna is not only well-known but well-respected. Her vision of her craft of Hairdressing is constantly evolving. Donna believes that every head of hair is unique, that every client wants to feel unique and have their individual needs addressed. She educates each client on their hair movement, so they can achieve their own desired look every day.

As thecoolredroom’s colourist, Petula Mitchell strives for perfection. With 25 years’ experience, Petula knows exactly how to get that ideal natural glow effect to enhance the tones of your hair. For Petula’s customers – they know they come first, whether it’s for a root touch-up or dimensional highlighting. Both Donna and Petula are committed to mentoring their Fellow Stylists as well, to make them the best they can be.

For exquisite hair-pampering, you have to check out

thecoolredroom. You’ll get excellent advice and a sensational style. As Donna Nash says ‘Learn how to own your hair, so it doesn’t own you’. Thecoolredroom is located at 250 Kent Street. Call 613-233-COOL (2665) or email Visit them on-line at and on Facebook and YouTube.  EP

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