Your Name is Your Business…

Keep It That Way!®

Your business – you spend time and money marketing who you are. Chantal St. Denis, Registered Trade-Mark Agent at O’Brien TM Services protects your rights, your business, and your logo. If you have an incorporated company name, then you’d be wise to have a trade-mark search done to shield your services. Securing a registered trade-mark safeguards your business across the country and in every province.

Chantal has over eighteen years in trade-mark law. She uses her precise expertise to provide both domestic and international clients with strategic, effective trade-mark protection. You’ve developed your business or your product, you have a domain name and all your marketing is in place. Now, register your trade-mark. It’s the ultimate protection for your brand and all your hard work.

Trade-marking your business is complicated. Rely on expert bilingual advice from O’Brien TM Services, 72 Rue du Marigot, City of Gatineau. Call Chantal St. Denis – registered Trade-Mark Agent at 613-324-3299 or email Your Name is Your Business… Keep It That Way!

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