What We Do

Marketplace Publishers® is a leader in Direct Mail Advertising and Marketing in Ottawa, Ontario. Our dedicated team of professionals offers you decades of practical, hands-on experience in the print media advertising industry.

Marketplace Newsletter
Our Marketplace Newsletter offers local merchants the opportunity to showcase their products and services. You will be introduced to the owners of these businesses and learn about their commitment to serve you with the highest quality standards. Merchants who promote themselves through this unique format recognize the importance of community ties and want to make themselves known in their neighbourhood. These businesses share strong values when it comes to customer service. Many are family owned businesses who want to make a difference in their community.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Professional Publications: We produce professionally written and designed full colour publications featuring local businesses in various Ottawa communities.
  • “Advertorial” written about you and your business:
    One of our professional writers will be assigned to you and will write an “advertorial” about you and your business. This powerful combination of advertisement and editorial (advertorial) is a personalized story that puts a face and a name to your business in the community.
  • General Interest Columns:
    You will be offered the opportunity to feature general interest article in your profession to highlight aspects of your field that would appeal to readers.
  • Display Ads:
    Take the opportunity to place a display ad in the publications either as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a column or article about your profession.
  • Targeted delivery to qualified homeowners:
    All our publications are hand-delivered to carefully targeted, high-income homeowners in your community to maximize the return on your advertising dollars. Direct mail advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a qualified market.

Here’s why it works:

3 KEYS to understanding local advertising!
Studies have repeatedly shown that…

  1. The people most likely to visit your business live just around the corner.
  2. They are your neighbours and they want to spend their money at local businesses like yours.
  3. You’d be amazed at how many don’t even know you exist!

People want to know people, especially those they buy from. If you make yourself known, they’ll buy from you.
That’s where we come in. Let us help you.