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Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing is one of the most powerful advertising mediums in use today. Few other marketing tools can deliver your message with such targeted precision at such a low cost.

What exactly is Direct Mail Marketing?directMail_woman

  • It’s Direct – sent “directly” to your ideal target market through a careful selection of qualified households. Precision targeting versus shotgun approach gives a far better return on investment.
  • It’s Mail – printed material that qualifies as a mail and is reliably delivered, in our case, by Canada Post. People sort their mail daily, which puts your message directly in their hands when they are likely to consider it.
  • It’s Marketing – professionally written and designed advertising material created to elicit an immediate response from qualified potential customers.

Why do we use a Community News publication format?

  • People like it – Marketing research has shown that locally-oriented community news publications are one of the most effective forms of direct mail marketing today. People identify with their local communities and they like to read about what’s happening in them. This gives our Marketplace News a definite advantage over other forms of direct mail. The same reasons why community-oriented TV programming is so popular also apply to community news publications.
  • It’s Perfect for using “Advertorials” – The term “advertorial” comes from combining the terms “advertisement” (an announcement) and “editorial” (a journalistic story). One of our trained writers interviews you and writes an interesting advertorial about you and your business. This powerful combination of advertisement and editorial is a personalized story that puts a face and a name to your business in the community.
  • People prefer local businesses given the choice – Studies have shown that,
    • The people most likely to visit your business live just around the corner.
    • They are your neighbours and they want to spend their money at local businesses like yours.
    • You’d be amazed at how many don’t even know you exist!
    • People want to know people, especially those they buy from. If you make yourself known, they’ll buy from you. Marketplace News is the perfect vehicle to help you do that.

Why Mailing Lists are crucial – How we find “Targets”

  •  didYouKnowQuality of mailing lists determine success – Ongoing market research shows that 60% of your Direct Mail success is determined by the quality of the mailing lists used. High-quality mailing lists are fined-tuned to target a maximum percentage of qualified potential customers in a given location while excluding all others.
  • We go to extreme lengths to create our lists – Knowing that quality lists are the key to success, we have developed a complex, time-intensive procedure to create high-quality mailing lists for the Marketplace News.

Without revealing our “secret process”, what we can say is that we use a variety of raw data sources, which include the latest census data from Statistics Canada, to create our initial “rough” lists. Then, we painstakingly drive, and when needed, walk every street of every neighbourhood to visually confirm and eliminate all addresses that do not qualify as potential customers.

Top 6 Reasons Why Direct Mail is King

  • Reason # 1: Allows you to Target with Precision
    Instead of “spraying and praying” your message to people who may or may not be interested or even qualified to take advantage of your offer, direct mail allows you to pinpoint the people who fit your potential customer profile.
  • Reason # 2: You Get Quick Response
    Once you send out your direct mail piece it doesn’t take long to get a response. Within one to two weeks you’ll hear from 80 percent to 90 percent of all those who are going to respond. If your campaign works, you’ll know about it quickly.
  • Reason # 3: It’s Easy to Track your Return on Investment
    If you’re a small business owner you can’t afford to waste a single penny on wasteful marketing. With direct mail marketing, you can determine the exact number of responses you received from each campaign.
  • Reason # 4: It’s very Cost-EffectivesmallBusinesses
    With just pennies per household, you can send out your full marketing message complete with personal stories and photos. When compared to other forms of advertising, that’s a bargain.
  • Reason # 5: It Gets one-on-one Attention
    One of the best things about direct mail is that it gets one-on-one attention from your target prospect. Unlike billboards or radio and television commercials that get your attention while two to three other things also have your attention. Direct mail is opened one piece at a time and read one piece at a time. It gives you the best chance of catching your prospect’s attention and keeping it for a period of time.
  • Reason # 6: It Hangs Around
    It’s something you can hold in your hand, touch and feel. Direct mail is something that you can hold in your hand. It’s not made of electrons that can be deleted from your computer with the touch of a finger. It’s not a radio or TV signal that’s here and then gone a moment later. It is a physical thing. It’s something that can hang around for a period of time. It has “lingering” marketing effects.

Key Facts about Direct Mail in Canada
…compiled by Canada Post.Canada

The following KEY Research Facts about Canadian consumer and business attitudes towards Direct Mail was compiled by Canada Post and posted on their website in 2010.

  • Direct Mail lets your advertising message stand out from the crowd.
    Every day Canadians are bombarded with advertising messages-billboards, newspaper ads, TV commercials and emails. Direct Mail is delivered to the mailbox-a far less crowded environment-allowing your message to get the attention it deserves.

    • 93% of Canadians usually read their mail the same day it arrives: 66% read it as soon it’s received, while another 27% review it later that same day.
      Source: Consumer Attitudes Towards Direct Marketing, 2008, 07-219.
  • Direct Mail is effective and more welcome than some other mediums.
    When you send Direct Mail to your customers, they are more likely to read your message and respond.

    • Not only do 79% of Canadians prefer to receive general business correspondence by mail, 67% also prefer to receive advertising by mail (versus email – 18%, telephone – 1% and other means 8%).
      Source: Value of Mail OmniCan, 2007, 07-27.
  • Direct Mail is a valuable tool for businesses.
    Across businesses of all sizes and sectors, Direct Mail is used to find new customers, retain current ones and encourage them to spend more.

    • 81% of businesses who already use direct marketing agree that mail is a great way to communicate with existing customers.
    • Use of Addressed Direct Mail ranges from a low of 36% in the manufacturing industry to a high of 44% in the wholesale and financial services sectors.
    • Unaddressed Direct Mail use is also prevalent across all industries, especially retail (31%) and government (38%).
  • Direct Mail helps you stay connected to existing customers and reach out to potential customers.
    • 43% of Canadians agree that they enjoy receiving Direct Mail about additional products and services from companies they already buy from.
    • 40% of Canadians also agree that Direct Mail is a great way to find out about new products or promotions.
    • Customers’ opinions about companies that use Direct Mail are more positive than their opinions about companies that use other types of direct marketing.
      Source: Business Attitudes Towards Direct Marketing, 2008, 07-219.
      Base: No. of Canadian Businesses sampled – 1204


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