Eastwind Martial Arts

Eastwind Budo Life Centre has been in operation since 1995. We are a family run business. We teach based on the principles of Movement, Morality and Etiquette upon which Martial Arts are founded.

At Eastwind Budo Life Centre we teach the following martial arts:

Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate - a traditional karate style using blocking, punching, kicking movement and kata.
Yamanaka-Ha Shin Do Ryu Ju Jitsu - developed from the flowing art of Aikido and the locking art of Ju Jitsu.
Shaolin Chuan Fa - a Chinese system based upon the movements of animals: Leopard, Dragon, Tiger, Crane and Snake.
Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) - Instructions with Bo, Jo, Shindo, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kama, and Sai. A total of 15 weapons are practiced.
These systems are proven to be effective training methods to learn self-defence, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as to improve coordination, flexibility and endurance.

Come in for a free lesson. Visitors always welcome.

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