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How Much Money Is Your Roof Making Today?
What about a worry-free home-based business on your rooftop? The extra income can help finance your retirement plan, or become mortgage-free faster. You can sell electricity by installing solar on your rooftop.

A unique, low-risk investment
It’s a unique opportunity. You put the Livesolar system on your roof, and the Ontario government gives you a guaranteed fixed-price contract. It’s a government guarantee - to sell all electricity for a profit from approved rooftop solar generation projects.

Your Impact on the Environment
Generating clean solar power helps our environment and earns you money. Ontario has committed to phasing out coal for generating electricity by 2014 because the resulting pollutants are harmful to human health and CO2 emissions are major contributors to human-induced climate change.

Livesolar Lifetime All-inclusive Support
Livesolar has made a significant focus on client relationship for a long term. Aside from your project development, you enjoy the benefits, and we take care of the rest through our all-inclusive lifetime support.

20 Years Performance Warranty
Livesolar systems all come with 20 year performance warranties. Install solar is one of the most rewarding things you can do; our aim is to ensure that you reap the long-term profits of our top-grade design, equipment, and installations.

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