Freedom Boat Club Ottawa

Freedom Boat Club is now in Ottawa!

Freedom Boat Club Ottawa is now open at Hurst Marina in Manotick.  Our fleet of boats range in length from 19 to 24 feet and include a pontoon, bow rider, deck boat, and a fish & ski boat.

Boating Made Simple:

Your experience begins when you arrive at the marina and our friendly dock staff is there to assist you with getting your things on your boat, which is clean, fueled, and ready for you to enjoy the day.  After a quick check out process, you are off, exploring the Rideau River or hitting your favorite swimming, fishing, or dining spots. When you return, you’ll complete the check in and be on your way to enjoy the rest of the day while we take care of the boat.  Boating has never been easier, or more fun!

Here’s how the Club Works:  

We buy and maintain a fleet of boats, members join our club and get free unlimited training.  Members then begin reserving boats by using our app or online.  In addition to unlimited access at our local club, members get reciprocal access to over 185+ other locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe!  With a strong beginning in Sarasota, Florida, we continue to serve everyone globally.

If you are a snowbird and head to Florida during the winter, there are more than 60 FBC clubs for you to make reservations and enjoy the Florida coastal waters.  

Freedom Boat Club is North Americas oldest and largest Boat Club.  Freedom Boat Club Ottawa provides an affordable option to boat ownership and delivers a maintenance-free recreational boating experience for its members.  

The boat is waiting. Why are you?

For information and special pricing, call 613-371-2628 for information or visit Freedom Boat Club Locations