Inclusive Hiring Works

Left to Right: Jorde Hess (Owner), Ricky Fortin, Jonie Achelengua (PPRC Job Coach) and Graziella Forbes (PPRC Consultant)Jorde Hess is the owner of Hess’s Your Independent Grocer in Ottawa. He knows that teamwork is essential for the smooth running of his store. Ricky Fortin is a person with an intellectual disability, he was hired to work at the store.  Ricky works with the cashiers and the customers at the front helping to bag groceries and filling orders. He likes the work.

Ricky was looking for work and he selected Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC) to be his service provider.  The PPRC team met Jorde Hess, and he gave Ricky a chance.

“He is doing well. He arrives on time, he is pleasant with the customers and he does his work.  This has been a smooth transition,” says Jorde, “the feedback has been open and timely and the folks at PPRC have been responsive to our requests.”

PPRC offers placement services for persons with disabilities at no cost to the employer. This helps employers remain competitive, gain market share, and grow their business. Contact Linda Simpson at or at 613-748-3220. Visit for more information.  EP