Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation

Why are these nurses smiling?

They’re smiling because the Bradleys left a bequest to support training for nurses at Queensway Carleton Hospital. Their gift helps staff keep up-to-date with the latest and best of modern medicine.

More and more hospital supporters are choosing to touch the lives of tomorrow’s patients by including a gift in their will for Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation.  Your bequest will be an investment in advanced patient care and healthcare excellence in our community.

To include a gift in your Will for Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation

  • Talk to your lawyer
  • Visit qchfoundation.ca/legacy
  • Contact Nadine Fowler in the QCH Foundation

at 613-721-4700 ext 5609, or [email protected]

Learn more at qchfoundation.ca/legacy, or contact Nadine Fowler at [email protected], or 613-721-4700 ext. 5609.