Stayfit Physio and Spinal Decompression Centre: Caring for Your Overall Well Being

Stayfit Physio staffStayfit Physio and Spinal Decompression Centre is a unique facility that offers both Healthcare and Medical Aesthetic Services all under one roof. Their highly qualified registered healthcare professionals offer a wide range of services designed with your overall well-being in mind.

Tanya is a registered physiotherapist, and owner of the clinic, with over 16 years experience in a variety of settings like hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes serving the senior population for over 8 years. She specializes in TMJ issues, lower back pain and sports injuries, as well as physiotherapy for children. If you are suffering from work place or vehicle accident injuries, she can help. Tanya is also an ADP authorizer and can assist with prescription of walkers and other mobility devices.

Today’s stress and bad posture can cause the joints in our spine to become misaligned and not move correctly. With more than two decades of experience, the chiropractor at Stayfit Physio tackles issues like low back pain, neck pain, spinal condition, spinal re-alignment, musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions.

Stayfit Physio also specializes in massage therapy and is proud to be one of the few places in Ottawa to offer spinal decompression therapy. With a success rate of over 95 percent, it is the treatment of choice for low back conditions where other forms of treatment have failed. It is a highly rated treatment as well for sciatica, spinal arthritis and joints dysfunction.

Stayfit Physio also offers a range of aesthetics such as laser hair removal, microdermabrasions and chemical peels, among others.

Taking care of yourself has never been easier. At Stayfit Physio, if you can’t come to the clinic, the clinic can come to you! They provide physiotherapy services in the comfort of your own home through their mobile in-home program. They cover a large area in and around Ottawa and it’s available for all ages.

The professionals at Stayfit Physio and Spinal Decompression Centre work as a team to promote pain free and healthy lifestyles. Call (613) 225-8956, email or drop in to the clinic at 1580 Merivale Road, #403. Visit  EP