Stayfit Physio and Spinal Decompression Centre: Providing a Unique Blend of Health and Skin Care Services

Today’s hectic and stressful lifestyles put our bodies under a great deal of strain.

If you are suffering from spasms, stiffness or pain in the upper, mid or lower back, it may be that the joints in the spine aren’t moving correctly or have become misaligned through stress or bad posture. Through manual adjustments to the spine, a chiropractor can realign the joints and restore its proper movement.

Massage Therapy is a technique of manipulating the soft tissue of the body including muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints and is helpful in treating numerous conditions. At Stayfit Physio and Spinal Decompression Centre, they also offer physiotherapy, and treatment for TMJ and vertigo.

The centre is one of the few places in Ottawa to offer spinal decompression therapy to relieve low back and neck pain.  Also available…a range of aesthetics such as laser hair removal, microdermabrasions and chemical peels, among others.

At Stayfit Physio, you can book an appointment within 48 hours and they can

bill your insurance company directly.

To meet with a professional at Stayfit Physio , call (613) 225-8956, email [email protected] or drop in to the clinic at 1580 Merivale Road, #403. Plenty of free parking available.  Visit