Your free durable plastic Emergency Contact Card could be a lifesaver

Free Emergency Contact Card logoIf you are involved in an accident, have a heart attack, stroke or other medical emergencies, who will speak for you if you cannot? It is important for first responders to know who to contact in the event of an emergency.

Retired Ottawa Police Sergeant Peter Couillard learned, from a compassionate first respondent’s side, that both life and non-life threatening events can be made worse by lack of easily accessible personal identification. As retired Sergeant Couillard so aptly put it, “when it comes to providing assistance to anyone in a medical or health-related crisis, every additional step in locating and contacting a family member or friend means precious time wasted in connecting these victims with their loved ones. Emergency contacts will bring comfort and may have valuable information that could be a lifesaver!”

Fred Bowie, Life & Retirement Guide at the Canada Retirement Information Centre developed a simple solution – a durable plastic waterproof card, with up-to-date family and friend emergency contact information.

A Durable plastic Emergency Contact Card is available for you, your family and friends for FREE, a gift from the Canada Retirement Information Centre Community Service Division. (no age restriction)

Applying for your card is easy, visit to create your own personal Emergency Contact Card. Your FREE DURABLE PLASTIC EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD will be delivered directly to your home by Canada Post (there is no cost to you for postage & handling cost) within 10 business days.

It only takes a couple of minutes to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that in case of an emergency family and friends can be contacted quickly and easily. Apply today.